Busy Bee Lawn Care Service is proud to offer water feature repair, waterfall repair, and koi pond service in addition to our other services. Whether your koi pond, waterfall, or fountain was installed by us originally or not, we can and will help you get it up and running again!

Why Water Features Need Repairs

Usually, the water pump is the first thing that goes bad on a water feature.  They can get clogged, the motor can burn out, or they can freeze.  Some of the auto-fill components can go bad like the float valve.  There are many other reasons why a water feature could need to be repaired, or even completely replaced. Movement is one reason. If you had to move a small fountain, for instance, it could have easily become damaged or the pump may have malfunctioned when you set it back up again.

Another reason is age. Any water feature is going to need some routine maintenance as time passes. This need for maintenance could include the pump, pipe, or hose replacements, or even patching up some masonry around a koi pond.

Water Feature Repair is Not a DIY Project

When it comes to water feature repair, you really shouldn’t attempt it on your own. There’s no telling what could be wrong with your koi pond, fountain, or other water feature. It’s really best just to leave repair tasks to the experts here at Busy Bee. We’ll get your water feature back up and running quickly and affordably. This means that you’ll be able to start enjoying the sights and sounds of water in your yard again soon.

What to Expect When We Arrive

If you call us to repair your water feature, we will send a friendly team member out to assess the situation. Our technician will figure out what the problem is and then create a plan to solve it for you as quickly as possible.

As we mentioned, you might have a fountain or pond with a bad pump or a pond pump that does not have sufficient output. Our trained staff members can soon identify whether the pump can be repaired or needs to be completely replaced or upgraded. In a fountain, this may be less urgent, but in a koi pond, your fish could die if the water isn’t pumping properly. So, we will get your water feature fixed for you in a jiffy.

We recommend that you contact us as soon as you notice that you need water feature repair services.

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