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Types of Lawn Grasses in Columbia and Irmo South Carolina

Lawn Grass Types in order of Popularity:

Centipede - This is also known as "lazy man's grass" because it needs very little lawn care service, maintenance, or fertilization and is resistant to bugs and disease. Centipede spreads at a moderate pace, typically better if you put down some topsoil in bare spots (although some people prefer to do sod repair with plugs or sod pieces/rolls). This is a great all-around choice for the Columbia area and is the most common here. You should not overseed this turf with winter rye unless you plan on doing a renovation in the coming spring.

Bermuda Grass - This type of grass is the 2nd most popular grass in this area, although it should be considered equally as good of an option as the grass described above. I like recommending bermuda grass because there are so many different types and choices of variety, making it perfect for many homes. On top of that, you can also overseed it in the fall with rye for a year-round green turf. Bermudas such as Sunstar or Princess 77 prefer almost FULL sun, so make sure to choose wisely as it will not thrive in shade.

Zoysia Grass - Emerald Zoysia is a fine blade grass that creeps very well. It can be plugged or sodded easily. Zenith Zoysia is another great variety that I see often times in the upscale neighborhoods of Columbia. Zoysia does really well here in Columbia and turns to a really pretty "white" color when it goes dormant in the winter.  When mowing, make sure you use a sharp blade and bagging is recommended when doing lawn maintenance on this type of grass.

St. Augustine - Does (kind of :) well in shade in my opinion, but not a silver bullet if you have shade related issues. St. Augustine Grass should be cut extra high. Special attention should be paid to the pH of the soil. A preventative bug and lawn fertilization service program should definitely be implemented due to the high occurrence of chinch bugs, grub worms, moles, and fungus. If it grows, though, it grows well!

Rye - Perennial and Annual - Winter Rye Grass - Rye grass is so cool...it grows almost anywhere; in shade, in full sun, in the winter! Rye grass lawns can be seen, often times, at banks and hospitals, day care centers, offices - anywhere where an annual green program would be of benefit to the perception of the business. Rye does require frequent mowing, but can add a certain "uplifting" touch to your landscape.

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