There are a lot of companies that offer sprinkler repair in Columbia and the surrounding area, but there’s only one Busy Bee Lawn Care & Sprinkler Repair. We are more than just a lawn mowing company. We are absolutely passionate about sprinkler repair and servicing your sprinkler system when it’s gone haywire. As most locals are aware, Columbia SC can be a hard place on your precious lawn especially here in the heart of the state, where we often face some swelteringly hot days. We believe that no lawn should have to suffer through weather like that without the water it needs. Our sprinkler repair service is second to none and we always go the extra mile to make sure your system is up and running again with minimal delays to your gardening works.

One of the most important services for any sprinkler system is winterization. Winterizing is important to protect your irrigation system from a freeze during the winter months. You can also prepare your lawn for that harsher, colder weather. Correct fertilizing and aerating of all the grassy areas will make room for cool-season or cool weather type grass seed. Once this is done you will be able to water and rake the lawn. This process will prepare the grass and nurture it during the frosty time. You will see new growth and good moisture during this time, helping to prevent drying out, and keeping your yard from developing dead patches. Another service that’s important for your irrigation system is making sure to prime your system. This needs to be done at the initial start-up of your sprinkler system or whenever the prime goes away – a common issue with older water pumps and as water pumps age.

Knowledgeable Team Members and Top-Notch Products

Our knowledgeable team members and the top-notch products we use set us apart from the competition. You should call Busy Bee when your irrigation system goes on the fritz, for fast, friendly service right away.

Our team is proud to use and service Goulds Pumps, Myers, Flotec, Little Giant, Munro, Red Lion, Bur-Cam, Wayne and many more! However, our service doesn’t stop there. We can even repair older products and systems as well.

Finding the Answer

Here at Busy Bee, we keep busy all the time. It’s rare that we come across a sprinkler issue that we haven’t seen and fixed before. So, even if you have an unusual sprinkler system problem, you can leave finding the answer up to us. We’ll take a look and give you the buzz on the best solutions you should consider.

What to Expect from Our Sprinkler Repair Team

Our sprinkler repair team is committed to delivering fast, friendly service to each of our customers. When you call us, we will start out by assessing the damage to your sprinkler system. After we determine what you need, whether it’s a new sprinkler head, a pipe that needs repair, or something else; we will take whatever steps are necessary to get your sprinkler system up and running again quickly. When we assess the damage to your sprinkler system, we may recommend an upgrade or complete replacement, but only if there’s no better solution.

So, don’t let your lawn bake in the heat. Contact us for the most trustworthy sprinkler repair in Columbia from Busy Bee Lawn Care & Sprinkler Repair. We are the passionate sprinkler repair professionals you can rely on to get the job done. With the proper sprinkler support, you can have a healthy lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

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