Lawn Service, Columbia, Lexington, and Irmo, SC

Dec 13 2019

Busy Bee lawn care has been the lawn service Columbia S.C., Irmo and Lexington since 2006. When we’re not mowing grass, we are doing fall leaf cleanup service, fertilization and weed control, edging, bush shaping, and winter tasks to keep your yard looking sharp. Here’s a breakdown of what our package includes:

Biweekly visits including Lawn Mowing Service, keeping bushes shaped, fall leaf cleanup and winter services* would be in the $(depends upon your yard)/month range. “Lawn Mowing Service” includes lawn mowing, edging, blowing hardtops & herbicide the beds for weeds (up to 1 gallon per visit). We would be coming all year doing not only the green season tasks but also the necessary biweekly maintenance and preventative winter tasks as well so yours is the sharpest looking yard on the block!

Here’s what our biweekly lawn service includes:

  • Mowing & edging the lawn as mentioned
  • Inspecting & spraying the beds for weeds every visit
  • Shaping the bushes up to 3 times per year and touching them up in the winter (up to 8’ in height, applies to bushes that have been kept shaped in the recent past)
  • Blowing all porches, patios, birdbaths, driveways, parking areas and walkways clear
  • Applying fertilizer, weed and feed and pre or post-emergent as is appropriate
  • *Fall through winter leaf cleanup, mowing as needed, pine cone and stick pickup, dead plant culling, palm pruning and crepe pruning (those against structures)

If this program and pricing are to your liking please let me know!. I can put you on the schedule immediately if we come to terms.