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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Service, Columbia S.C. Irmo and Lexington

Every customer and every yard is unique. Lawn Fertilization Service needs differ greatly from yard to yard. Where one treatment service* might be good for one customer and their lawn, they might not be a correct fit for another one. Our customized approach is the best choice for you and your yard's unique situation.

Important: *The Treatment Plan is part of our Annual Lawn Maintenance Agreement and is exclusive to Lawn Mowing Contracted Customers; we will only treat your lawn if we are mowing it...we do not do stand alone treatment plans.  

Our treatment plan includes:

1. Initial Lawn Consultation - During the work day, and subject to availability, I will personally come by and do a visual assessment of your yard's unique situation. You do not have to be present. Please describe the challenges that you are having and I will report my recommendations to you in writing.

2. Sprinkler System Checkup - Many turf problems are caused by over or under watering. Our sprinkler system tune up includes checking for functionality for up to 6 zones. If we find anything that needs repair, we will present you with an estimate and plan of action.  

3. February - We apply Pre-emergent to prevent those early spring weeds (helps prevent weeds in beds too, mulch recommended).

4. April - Weed & Feed is applied to feed the new grass growth and further prevent weeds.

5. Summer Fertilization keeps the lawn green and growing in the hot season.

6. Late Summer Application to further enhance the overall health of the grass.

7. Turf & Bed Spot Herbicide Weed Treatments (roundup pro) used mostly to address stubborn broadleaf weeds- *up to 2 gallons and a maximum of 1/2 hour of labor to apply (one visit). This will most assuredly kill weeds such as dandelions but it may also affect the healthy grass in the immediate spot area. Additional spot treatments are $65/visit*

8. Post Emergent Spray Treatment for weeds that have already sprouted.

9. Fall - Lawn Lime application to balance pH, particularly with acidic soil.

10. Winterization (winter weed preventative pre-emergent) Treatment to help prevent winter and early spring weeds.

The treatments described apply to average size yards with turf that is 9,000 sq feet or less.

These treatments are only a PART of a comprehensive battle against weeds. Your efforts towards a greener, more lush turf should also include proper lawn mowing service, bagging sometimes and mulch mowing other times, refraining from mowing when it is too hot or dry, core aerating, maintaining a proper watering schedule and the usage of a sprinkler system that functions properly. Other factors that affect the success of a treatment program include the presence of dogs, foot traffic, and having the proper types of grasses for your unique yard.

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