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Looking for Lawn Care Services in Irmo South Carolina?

Irmo is one of my favorite places to do lawn services. Not only is it near Lake Murray, but it is also a place where Irmo, S.C. Okra Strut takes place every year. Landscape maintenance in Irmo is always a pleasure because the people are so hospitable and the yards are more well kept than many other areas in the Midlands. Residents in Irmo take pride in the look of their turf and want the best landscaped property on the street. They know who to call when it comes to the finest lawn care in town.

The soil in Irmo seems to be rich and compared to many areas is a lot healthier as well. Traditionally, the Lake Murray area has been a great place to grow plants and farm, but has become, in modern times, a great place to have a beautiful, healthy yard with all types of lawn grasses. You can keep your greenery looking sharp and beautifully maintained with the best lawn care in town. We always challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations every time, so you know you can count on our Irmo lawn care service to be a snip above the rest.

Busy Bee Lawn Service Can Handle Your:

  • Lawn Mowing Service - Sometimes mulch, sometimes bag is what I often describe as a key tactic for proper lawn maintenance. We mow St. Augustine high, Bermuda low, and know the difference between centipede and Zenith Zoysia. Lawn Services in Irmo occur on a 2 week schedule; we service your property twice a month most months (or as frequently as you want as long as we're coming twice a month in the cutting season).

  • Leaf Cleanup, Pinestraw Cleanup, Fall Cleanup - Every year around November, we switch from being a predominantly lawn mowing service to more of a general yard service. We haul off the leaves and debris making the leaf cleanup process as neat as possible so you can enjoy your Holidays.

  • Grass (Turf) Fertilization Service - Whether you have St. Augustine, Bermuda, Centipede, or Zoysia we can help with our year-round treatment program. Regular lawn service customers in Irmo enjoy the healthiest of lawns with our affordable, custom tailored program.

  • Shrub and Bush Shaping and Pruning - For many bushes, the best time to prune or shape is in the Fall and in the Early Spring before any new growth appears. We have an eye for good looking shrubs and look forward to maintaining yours in a professional, timely manner.

  • Sprinkler & Irrigation Repair Service - We service all major brands of sprinkler systems including Rainbird, Toro, Hunter, Orbit, Nelson, and more

  • Mulch, Pine Straw, Gutters - We have a contact for you in just about every service profession. If we can't do it, we will easily refer you to someone who can, having them call you if you like. We want to be your property managers where outdoor issues are concerned and we know gardens well. Rest assured that all your lawn servicing needs can be covered quickly and conveniently. Call is today and put our team to work to give you the best lawn possible.

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