Why are you looking for lawn care service in Columbia South Carolina? Because around here, pushing a lawnmower across your turf grass on a hot summer day is not necessarily most people’s idea of a good time – unless your one of our professional yard craftsmen!

Getting the lush, green grass you’re after takes experience. More than just grass, a beautiful yard must be mowed regularly, correctly, and carefully with consideration to whether to mow it short as you would with Bermuda or centipede, mowing it high if its St. Augustine or mowing it more often like Bahia Grass.

It can be tricky trying to find a reliable lawn service. Lots of lawn care services promise they’ll show up – and when they don’t, you’re stuck scrambling for another solution, or left mowing it yourself. The whole point of hiring a lawn care service is so that you don’t have to mess with it, or even think about it.

Busy Bee Lawn Care makes outsourcing of your yard lawn care easy. Call us now for lawn care service, you will be glad you did!

We’re not just Lawn Mowing Service, we’re Groundskeepers

Of course, we offer a basic lawn mowing package and prices will vary depending on your actual lawn size and other factors. We are masters of biweekly service. Our friendly lawn maintenance experts will show you that it pays to have a lawn maintenance team you know and trust do your mowing on a regular basis.

As a regular customer, you will receive lawn mowing services customized according to what your lawn requires. We typically recommend two mowing sessions per month. With regular yard visits, we will, of course, do the mowing, a sharp edge, blow away leaves and debris, blow off porches and pool areas and keep your bushes shaped as needed. We will also do herbicide treatments for the beds when necessary to keep weeds at bay.

Maintaining Bushes and Fall Cleanup

You can’t let just any old service do your bushes, especially in places like Forest Acres or where bushes are tastefully shaped.  We are knowledgeable professionals who know to shape azaleas and camellias after bloom, when and exactly how to prune crepe myrtles, and what an artistically shaped boxwood should look like.  Of course, we do fall cleanup as well…your property will be on autopilot!

Contact us for a no-obligation quote

Here at Busy Bee, we are always ready to help you assess your lawn care needs. Our team can give you an estimate that is customized specifically for your lawn. After all, every single lawn is different in size, layout, number of trees and more. Our mission is to provide customized, friendly service that you can count on.

When you contact Busy Bee Lawn Care, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the best lawn care service in Columbia S.C. So, don’t let your lawn go. Contact us today for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you