Wondering whether landscape lighting could be the finishing touch your yard has been waiting for? If you drive around the most desirable neighborhoods in Columbia, you’ll notice that homes with outdoor lighting seem to exude a sense of warmth, class, and security, all at once. We are the number one Landscape Lighting Company in Columbia, SC. We pay great attention to detail and art form in selecting and placing your lighting. We know how to find the right lighting to go perfectly within your grounds.

Why is landscape lighting becoming so popular? To begin with, it really helps draw attention to key features of your property, such as large trees, flowerbeds, or walkways. Perfectly manicured shrubs come to life under premium lights, giving your yard that extra flare. If you are going to go through the ease of having your lawn and yard well cared for by Busy Bee Lawn Care, why not show it off a bit?

Showing off your lawn at night with landscape lighting doesn’t just impress your neighbors either. Landscape lighting can actually increase the value of the home, while making it more attractive too. This could pay off when you sell your home or have it evaluated for any reason. Beautiful landscape lights really are the extra added touch to take your home front to the next level. We have a large range of LED lights that can cater to all types of yards and homes.

It can also come in handy to have good landscape lighting if you tend to get home after dark. Not only will it help you see where you are going, but it can also help deter burglars from venturing onto your property.

Where to Install Landscape Lighting

Here at Busy Bee, we can install landscape lighting anywhere you want. Our experts know just the right lighting to use to accent trees or shrubs. We can also help you light up the walkway leading to your front door or garage. We can even help you install deck lighting so that you can enjoy sitting on your deck in the evenings without being stuck in the dark. Obviously, the choice is yours, but we would be happy to recommend some options for you, if you aren’t sure where to begin.

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Professional Outdoor Lighting

Here in the South, our outdoor spaces are nearly as essential to daily life as our interior décor. Thanks to the glorious weather and our long history, driving around a neighbor in South Carolina can often feel like a magical journey to a time long past. However, without proper professional outdoor lighting, a lot of that wonder can be lost once the sun goes down.

Instead of allowing your home to fade into obscurity when night falls, why not highlight its strengths with the installation of custom designed professional outdoor lighting? Over the past few years, Busy Bee Lawn Care has become one of the top professional outdoor lighting companies in South Carolina. Our team members have years of experience under their belts, which makes them familiar with all the newest technology and latest trends in lighting. They can help you choose beautiful, tasteful lighting options for your yard that address all of your top concerns and help your home to look its best at any time of day. What’s more, our locally based team understands the history and values of the south, and will treat you with the friendly respect and cordiality that we all value.

Make sure that your home stands out from the crowd by trusting Busy Bee Lawn Care to highlight all of its best features. With our help, your home can be a true showstopper at any time of day for only a fraction of the price that you would pay at a larger chain store. Call us at 803-302-3052 today to start your home’s transformation.

Landscape Lighting

The wide variety of flora and fauna that can grow in the temperate, lush environment of South Carolina helps make our yard and gardens some of the most beautiful in the country. Being able to see them in the bright light of day is a lovely treat, but there is something almost magical about southern landscaping in the evening and at night. The remarkable plants gain a mysterious quality that can only be truly enjoyed through the use of well-chosen and strategically placed lighting fixtures. Landscape lighting is a great way to showcase your yard’s best features, making them truly memorable. Every carefully placed walkway, well-tended flower bed, or remarkably beautiful tree deserves a chance to be truly highlighted, and our experts at Busy Bee Landscape Lighting are just the crew to help you accomplish your goals.

Our team is well practiced at the art of making sure local southern landscapes are emphasized in the way that best suits them, having developed truly superior taste through their years of experience. We also recognize that good landscape lighting can add value to your home, and can direct you to landscape lighting choices that not only beautify your space but can also make it a great investment for the future.

Whether you are interested in highlighting your yard’s unique features or have an eye toward more long term practical opportunities, landscape lighting is a great way to make your yard truly one of a kind. A call to Busy Bee Lawn Care at 803-331-2353 will start your journey toward a beautiful outdoor space no matter the hour. Let us help you invest in your present as well as your future.

Deck and Patio Lighting

Decks and patios are fantastic outdoor spaces designed to help you take more of your day to day life outdoors. They can serve as quiet retreats from the world or hubbubs of activity, customizing to fit your needs. However, without help, these are always spaces that have a time limit attached to them, as they can become incredibly difficult to navigate as the sun goes down and night descends. Instead of allowing the time of day to dictate your outdoor activities, why not consider investing in custom deck and patio lighting that will make your outdoor spaces usable whenever you need them to be?

At Busy Bee Lawn Care, we know how important the use of your patio and deck can be for your family. We will work with you to design a one of a kind lighting scheme that properly illuminates your space so it can be used at any hour while still providing a beautiful touch of décor that can fit in with the rest of your home. Whether your taste runs to the modern or the more rustic, we are sure to have lighting options that will help take your patio or deck to the next level.

Adding lighting to your deck and patio can make it a more practical and a more beautiful space. We are willing to put in the time to make sure that you are thrilled enough with your lighting choices to spend even more time outside.  With our help, your family can extend its living space beyond the walls of your home and into the beauty of the nature waiting just outside the door.

Pool Lighting

When the brutal summer of South Carolina hits hard, pools can become an essential place for your family to escape the heat. We all know that down here, pools can be wonderful places to relax, exercise, and entertain. But no one wants to limit their pool time to strictly daylight hours. Sometimes, an evening dip is just the things to wash off the stickiness of a humid southern summer day. Instead of risking life and limb by paddling in the dark, let Busy Bee Lawn Care help you with your lighting needs.

Our wide variety of high end products can light both the interior and exterior of your pool so that every surface can be illuminated in the best possible way. Working together with our team, you can create a look that reminds people of classic evenings by the pool, or you can embrace some of our more impressive technological options that might really help you to customize your space and allow your personality to shine. The right lighting can ensure that your pool area maintains the perfect charm to be inviting and welcoming. Lighting that is too harsh can overpower and make your pool feel institutional. Let our professionals help you balance the lighting in a way that illuminates without overshadowing.

The proper lighting for your pool is also crucial for appropriate safety precautions. Using the pool at dawn, dusk, or after dark can present some tough challenges. Being able to see the edge of the pool can be a difficult task when the sun is setting or early in the morning. It is also important to see any debris that may have fallen in that may harm someone. Our experienced technicians can help you decide on the best lighting to use both inside the pool and out, safeguarding the health and happiness of your family above all other concerns. Let us help you create a safe environment that is also warmly lit to provide the perfect outdoor recreation space.

LED Benefits

Busy Bee Lawn Care strives to be fluent in all of the latest technologies available for your outdoor lighting needs. Perhaps most significant of the plethora of new trends hitting the market is the wide emergence and rising popularity of LED (light emitting diode) lighting. Although it can sometimes be more expensive during the initial set up, LED light offers a variety of benefits that often make it the best option for many landscaping lighting projects.

LEDs typically feature a smaller, more compact bulb that offers a more brilliant light, meaning that you get more lighting with fewer fixtures. This means that with smart placement, LEDs can often be almost invisible in your garden during the day, not doing anything to detract from the beauty of your natural outdoor spaces. When shining at night, they offer a bright and warm light that can reach just about any space, all without growing too hot to the touch. This means that LEDs are also a safer option for your outdoor lighting choices, as they are much less likely to cause problems related to overheating.

LEDs also offer the benefit of being extremely energy efficient. They use substantially less energy to run on a daily basis and typically last exponentially longer than more traditional lighting options. This means that in the long run, you are saving not only on replacement bulbs, but also on your monthly energy bill. Over the lifetime of an LED bulb, you will pay remarkably less than you might with traditional lighting. It is for all of these reasons and more that the staff at Busy Bee Lawn Care makes sure to carry a wide variety of the newest and most attractive LED fixtures. We truly believe that LEDs are a smarter and safer option for most outdoor lighting projects.

LED Versus Halogen Lighting

Some people like LED lighting, while others prefer halogen. We offer both, but usually recommend LED lights for most jobs. That’s because they don’t burn as hot, which means they aren’t as much of a fire or safety hazard. Also, they tend to last longer and be much less expensive to run. We must also mention the fact that they are more beneficial to the environment as a fantastic power saving option over traditional lighting. This can save you a small fortune in electric bills over the life of the bulbs.

Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you explore your options so that you have the best landscape lighting in Columbia.