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Lexington SC Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to give your home an instant boost in curb appeal – but good looks are not the only benefit you’ll get by adding lighting. Here are some of the most popular reasons your friends and neighbors are adding landscape lighting in Lexington communities.

Landscape lighting will really help accent your lawn and your entire yard at night. Imagine people driving by and seeing your well-lit lawn lighting up the night. They are sure to remember how beautiful it looks. LED lighting will lift the look of your lawn. You will want your beautiful garden well displayed in the natural light as well as when it is dark. Here at Busy Bee Lawn Care we think about lawns and yards as if they are works of art. Landscape lighting is a great way to show off that art to others, as well as taking pride in having gorgeous landscapes that glow in the night.

Of course, the second reason to install landscape lighting is for security and protection. It's never a good idea to come home at night to a dark house. A little outdoor lighting can make all the difference in the world as far as making you feel safe and comfortable. No more messing around with house keys, a well lit home will be the convenience you have missed all this time.

Another reason to add outdoor lighting is if you are thinking of selling your home. It can actually add value to your property. Potential buyers will love the fact that you have beautiful and functional accent lighting already installed. LED lighting is like the business class of homes. Lights that outline your trimmed hedges and serviced grounds will take your house into a premium level of outstanding and really give your house that edge over others on your street.

For all of those reasons, Busy Bee Lawn Care has put together a number of landscape lighting options for you. To begin with, you can decide between halogen and LED lighting. Keep in mind that LED lights tend to last longer. They also cost less money to operate than halogen lights. However, halogen lighting is still a popular choice for some homeowners.

Outdoor LED Lighting

There are many different lighting options to choose from when designing the lighting for your outdoor spaces. However, as technology advances every year, LED lights are becoming an increasingly popular option that offers substantial benefits over many other more traditional lighting options. While they can sometimes be more expensive initially, the team here at Busy Bee Lawn Care truly believes that Outdoor LED Lighting can be a more sustainable, safer, and a brighter option for your outdoor lighting needs. 

Light Emitting Diode lights, more commonly known as LEDs, are a huge advance in lighting technology. They offer a clean, bright, and even light that can be used in just about any scenario. They are also incredibly energy efficient, meaning that using them is a cleaner alternative to many other lighting choices. On the outset, they may be more of an investment, but because they use less energy on a day to day basis, your bills will actually be substantially lower than if you were using more traditional bulbs. 

Outdoor LED lighting is also a safer option than older lighting technologies, especially in the sometimes dry climate of a southern summer. As we all know, many lights that are left on for long periods of time can get extremely hot to the touch. However, LEDS run at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, meaning that they are less of a fire hazard when placed near vegetation, like they would be in outdoor lights. An investment in outdoor LED lighting is a smart investment in the earth, in your home’s energy efficiency, and the safety of your community.

Garden Lighting

A truly passionate gardener can spend hours a day working in their garden, taking pride in every painstaking detail. The results can be glorious, one of a kind spaces that delight any number of the senses. After all of that work, it seems like a shame that the beautiful beds and blooms can only be seen during the sunny hours of the days. Our trained lighting experts at Busy Bee Lawn Care have developed a keen eye for highlighting the most beautiful parts of garden spaces, transforming your hard work into a true showcase of flora and fauna that can be used for all occasions. 

Gardens can be great spaces to entertain company, enjoy a quiet night with your loved ones, or even just spend time in personal reflection. By working with our team, you can add subtle and tasteful lighting that illuminates the space, adding a magical, other worldly feel to a space that you know so well. Our team cares about your priorities – how you want to use the space and key elements that you want highlights are sure to be essential in any lighting design for your garden.

We know that gardens can truly be works of art. By working with you to find the exact right lighting scheme for the best possible price, we believe that we can add the perfect frame to highlight your masterpiece. Start enjoying your garden at every hour by calling us today. Together, we can bring even more life to one of your favorite outdoor spaces.

Dock Lighting

When on the water, your dock is like your front door. It sets the tone of your yard and welcomes people to your home. However, it also serves completely practical purpose, calling you back from your adventures to the safe harbor of land. It is essential that your deck not only be welcoming, but easy to identify and safe to navigate. All of these tasks can be accomplished with the help of the talented professionals at Busy Bee Lawn Care. 

Busy Bee Lawn Care has a variety of lighting options that can help your dock accomplish its practical lighting needs for safety while still providing a warmly lit welcome to your outdoor living space. You shouldn’t have to rush your time out on the water, wasting your time worrying about what will happen if you make it back to the dock after dark. Instead, let our team help you to design a lighting scheme that contains the perfect mixture of aesthetically pleasing fixtures with practical uses so that you know you will be safe no matter what time you want to return home. 

Properly installed lighting will help to ensure that your dock will be equipped with everything you need to dock your vessel correctly, unload safely, and secure all of your supplies without putting yourself or any passengers in jeopardy. Our years of experience help us to recommend the best kinds of lighting for your specific needs, creating a custom experience at a price that will be tough to beat. Instead of making do with generic, subpar deck lighting options, let us help you find the perfect fit. Put your mind at ease by calling Busy Bee Lawn Care to help design your own personal outdoor welcome mat.

Backyard Lighting

One of the real luxuries in South Carolina can be a delightfully designed backyard space. Our beautiful climate means that your yard can extend your living space dramatically, allowing you to use it for an endless variety of purposes. Whether you enjoy unwinding in your own personal oasis or throwing huge gatherings that your family and friends can all enjoy, backyard lighting can be an essential step in making certain that your yard is usable at any time of day. 

The right lighting choice can take a passable backyard and make it extraordinary. Together with our team of trained professionals, you can choose lighting fixtures that add beauty, usability, and value to your backyard. Busy Bee Lawn Care has a variety of lighting options to choose from so that we can make sure that your needs are being met. What’s more, our prices are some of the most reasonable in the business, allowing you to improve your space without worrying about the damage you might do to your bank account. 

Call today to begin your journey to a custom space designed to fit your desires and ideal lifestyle. Listening to your needs, our team can recommend amazing fixtures that extend your backyard’s hours of use without being too bright or harsh. Your yard should be a warm and welcoming extension of your home, and we can help you achieve that goal. Imagine watching the sunset in peace, knowing that your enjoyment of the outdoors can continue on your timetable instead of Mother Nature’s. 

So, don't let your home stay in the dark, contact us today. In no time at all you'll have the whole neighborhood buzzing about how they can get landscape lighting in Lexington too.

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