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Job Description: Lawn Service and Sprinkler Repair Technician (Intermediate Level)

Job Posting Date: 1/31/2019 - Yes, Apply Now!  

Estamos Contratando!  Help Wanted!  Now Hiring!  Accepting applications!  Hablemos Espanol!  

You’ll need to be the caliber of employee who shows a desire and ability to quickly move up in the company going from a helper level to a fully fledged sprinkler tech / lawn care worker. 

YES the winter can be slow, but in this business in South Carolina, its such that you make your money in the better part of the year, then in the winter enjoy some down time around Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Our sprinkler technicians make the majority of their money from March-September.  Then transition to helping out with fall cleanup, then through winter we pick up all sorts of jobs like irrigation installation, yard cleanups, etc.  We make every effort to keep you busy all year.  

Do you like to work outside?  Do you like something different every day?  
Do you like working with your hands?  Then we’ve got the perfect job for you! 

But first, before you apply, make sure this is right for you:

Would you consider yourself an outdoorsy, hands on person who is good with your hands? 

Do you have a knack for fixing things and improvising?

Do you like doing repetitive tasks or do you thrive better with a variety of tasks? 

How much $$$ do you need to make?  Be realistic with what you need versus what you can make.

Why do you want to work?  If you have an inherent drive to work every day, this job is perfect.  If you find yourself going from job to job because you don't like to work, then this job won't last long for you.

Do you have the ability to follow directions from a manager?

Are you organized?  

Do you have good social skills?

Busy Bee Lawn Care of Columbia was founded on old fashioned principles that have helped build on our success. We do exceptional work at a moderate price and employ hard working, upstanding people that reflect this high standard. We have grown to be one of the top irrigation and lawn maintenance companies serving the areas of Lexington, Irmo and Greater Columbia, S.C. 

Qualifications (please do not apply if you do not have these basic qualifications):

1. Must have a good driving record - you will be given a company truck to drive during work hours and your truck will be tracked by gps.  

2. Must be clean cut, with freshly laundered clothing, and satisfactorily representative of The Busy Bee Lawn Care Image. A set of company t-shirts will be issued but you must posses safety boots, long work pants, and safety glasses.

3. Must have a sense of completion on the tasks at hand, able to deliver to customers well done, professional service.  Your work will be looked after and inspected randomly.  Customer responses to your work and professionalism will be monitored.  

4. Must have adequate prior experience in yard work of course, plus labor or any mechanically related field such as Automotive repair, plumbing, HVAC, irrigation, small engine repair etc where you have had to use and prove competency as someone who can improvise and fix things. You will be required to prove your competency within the probationary period.  Entry level may be accepted but you must quickly prove competency.    

5. Must be capable of quickly and effectively communicating by text message and email via smartphone 

6. We have a strong anti-drug policy – no illegal drug use or lack of sobriety will be tolerated.  We reserve the right to request random drug tests through a local medical testing office.   

7. Must display a quality work ethic and motivation as well as an ability to get along well with others to enhance the work environment.  Do you often sleep past time to get to work or do you have challenges getting to work on time consistently?  If so, please don't apply.

We are looking for candidates who would commit to long term employment with Busy Bee Lawn Care, growing with us and helping us build and retain our customer base.  If you give us your all, we will reward you! 

Hours of Service: 8am sharp until the work is done for the day out of West Columbia.  You will need your own transportation to get to work, no exceptions.  The work day can last until 4pm or so, but often times in high season or when we have larger projects, the work day can last until the sun goes down.  Be ready willing and able to be there in any case.  Total hours ranges from 34 or so in winter to upwards of 60+ hours in high season (March-September then fall cleanup through Christmas).    

Salary: Hourly wage depends upon experience and your level of output.  We will agree to a mutually equitable wage before hire of course.  We will do everything possible to make sure we are a more attractive deal than your previous employment situation.  Wage will increase as your skills improve to where you can run the route, do sales, etc.  At that point in your advancement, you will have hourly plus discretionary commission based upon your production, etc.  Average income after 3 years is in the $40,000-$70,000/year range at which time you also get a better company truck.  

How To apply: APPLICATIONS WILL BE TAKEN ONLINE ONLY.  This is a test of your competence and your communication skills.  Phone calls about employment will be disqualified – email busybeelawncare@gmail.com to request an application and mention you saw this want ad on our website please.  

Thank you for considering joining our successful team!