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Landscape Lighting Installation & Repair

Imagine coming home at night to a beautifully illuminated home where low voltage landscape lights lead you down a stone walkway and splash accents onto your trees, shrubs or water features, while displaying your house as the featured envy of the neighborhood. Outdoor landscape lighting can safely bring value, comfort, and an extension of your living space into the outdoors. It's important to note that an expert is always the best choice when it comes to your lighting. Not only is this the safest option but also the most cost effective. Having a garden professional who knows how to place lights and the type of lighting to use will save you time, money, and stress in the long term. Busy Bee team members know the importance of keeping to a high standard and making sure the gardens we light up are perfected to pristine standards.

We bring the beauty and richness of decorative outdoor lights to you at a price you can afford, using quality LED or Halogen systems. Whether you're in need of landscape lighting repair or installation, we can help. Repair services of landscape lighting are a common request that we receive, and you would be surprised how wrong some people can get it. From terribly placed lighting to badly displayed wires or hazardous areas, it is crucial to have someone that knows what they are doing. Repairs shouldn't be handled lightly. If you suspect that your landscape needs a makeover or a clean-up where your lawn lighting is concerned, then we are the team for you.

We can expertly place your transformer out of the way and professionally hide the wires that supply the lights with electricity. We can make any yard turn from ordinary to brilliant. We install bold lighting, but you can trust that it wont be overkill or over the top. We understand the best way to arrange lights to feature what should stand out, whether it be a long driveway or amongst your flower beds. Decked areas and pool layouts can be turned up to an executive level when lighting installation is done correctly.

Busy Bee is a professionally run, locally owned and operated business serving customers from Lake Murray to Lake Carolina. We are an A+ Rated Company. We provide landscape lighting services as well as lawn care services and sprinkler repairs. We can cater to all of your lawn care needs, and pride ourselves on helping you select the perfect lighting for your home. Our customers are the heart of the local community, as we take a great deal of pride in knowing how the locals like their lawns. We don't take risks or shortcuts when repairing or installing our lights in or around your home. Safety is paramount and we hold every member of our crew to the highest of standards. But at the end of the day, when you want quality lighting installation, you want everyone to be able to see the result. The team at Busy Bee enjoys performing the are of installing dazzling lights that cater to all house designs and garden plans. We can tailor a package to suit you and show you the benefits of installing LED lighting in your landscape design.

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