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Sod Installation by Busy Bee

If you have the need for sod installation and you are in the Columbia, Lexington, or Irmo area, it can be difficult to decide where to begin. When deciding what landscaping company is best for your needs, you need to understand prices, processes, how to lay sod and when to install new grass.

The cost to lay sod differs greatly by each yard's situation and variety of grass used. To simply have sod delivered and a crew lay out the turf rolls or squares for you, prices are more close from contractor to landscaping company.  The differences in price come if there is a lot of ground prep needed or if the old lawn needs to be removed. This is because some companies have lower overhead, cut corners, or use sub-standard products or processes.

Quality service, grade of the product, and overall transaction experience easily overshadow the benefits you might receive saving a few dollars on the installation of new grass. Since contractors vary so widely, you may want to consider paying the contractor with the "higher" price...in the end you might be glad you did. Bad installs that were done for cheap price are abundant. What can go wrong? For starters, what are the workers like; are they trustworthy? Are they legally in the United States? Do you want these people on your property working for you? Will they level the ground to your liking before laying the sod? These are all extremely important considerations.

The best time to lay sod is in the spring. That way, the root system has the maximum amount of time in that growth season to take root and establish. You can also install sod in the winter. Most supplies of farm grown grass start greening up around March.

For all of your sod installation needs or questions, contact the experts at Busy Bee Lawn Care!