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Rock or Paver Patio Installation

Are you thinking of having a rock or paver patio installation done? Well, look no further. The experts at Busy Bee Lawn Care will take great care of you. We have a professional stone and brick mason, as well as a team of support staff. Our experienced team is capable of turning your dream patio into a reality.


As far as brickwork goes, we can use new bricks to really make your patio pop or reclaimed brick to deliver a more comfortable, regularly used sort of feel.

Stone Work

You might think that all paver stones are pretty much alike, but we have access to several different types. They all offer their own unique looks and attributes you may enjoy. Some of them include:

  • Natural Rock
  • Natural Stone
  • Modern Stone
  • Gravel

  • Combination Jobs

    It's possible that you might prefer to use a combination of any of the above to create your patio. If so, that's no problem. No job is too intricate for our team to handle. So, we can certainly combine several brick and stone elements to capture your vision.

    Extra Features

    While it's possible that you might just be looking for a flat patio made of bricks or paver stones, we can also give your patio some great extra features, if you'd like. For example, we could put up a retaining wall to keep your flowerbeds or lawn in check. We could even add a fire pit, if your family enjoys roasting marshmallows or telling stories around a fire.

    As you can see, there are no limits but those of your imagination. So, contact us with your rock or paver patio installation request. We'll work with you to not only capture what you want, but to suggest ideas for improvements that will result in an absolutely fabulous one-of-a-kind patio built just for you.

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