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Irrigation Repair Job in Columbia, South Carolina

Now accepting applications for New Staff with Prior Professional Experience

Job Description: Sprinkler REPAIR Technician

Busy Bee Lawn Care of Columbia was founded on old fashioned principles that have helped build on our success. We do exceptional work at a moderate price and employ hard working, upstanding people that reflect this high standard. We have grown to be one of the middleweight companies serving the area of Greater Columbia, S.C. We will continue to grow and we look forward to having you grow with us.

The position available calls for an individual who can (on their own with no supervision) do various plumbing and electrical related repairs on various residential and commercial properties as well as sprinkler system installation. This staff member would be expected to maintain an acceptable level of output where their accounts are concerned. They will drive a company truck, fully stocked with the plumbing, wiring, and other irrigation parts they'd need to complete the assignments that are given to them. Customer sales and customer interaction are an integral part of this job: you will be given a new customer's information, you'll call the customer, set up the appointment, perform the repair, and collect the payment. You will set your own schedule (highly flexible!).

Qualifications (please do not apply if you do not have these qualifications):

1. Must have a good driving record - you will be given a company truck to drive.

2. Must be clean cut, with freshly laundered clothing, and satisfactorily representative of The Busy Bee Lawn Care Image. A set of company t-shirts will be issued.

3. Must have a sense of completion on the tasks at hand, able to deliver to customers well done, professional service

4. Must have adequate prior experience in irrigation repair and installation. You will be required to pass a written exam and a practical field exam, proving your competency with all types of sprinkler repair scenarios.

5. Must be capable of quickly and effectively communicating by text message and email via smartphone (you must have your own smartphone)

6. We have a strong anti-drug policy – no illegal drug use or lack of sobriety will be tolerated

7. Must display a quality work ethic and motivation as well as an ability to get along well with others to enhance the work environment


We are looking for candidates who would commit to long term employment with Busy Bee Lawn Care, growing with us and helping us build and retain our customer base. The work is seasonal, peaking in the summer months, and winding down through fall. The winter months are very slow months. No matter what season, there is no guarantee as to the number of jobs you will be given, although preference will be given to more experienced and skilled staff.

We maintain a friendly and welcoming work environment with a camaraderie that most have found to be fulfilling and long lasting.

Hours of Service: Exact hours vary day to day and depend upon the schedule that you set to serve the customers. I am looking for staff who would keep the following hours open to work for this company: between 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Until sundown or so on the weekend, will remain entirely up to the technician.

Salary: commission. Typical income for this position is $25,000-50,000 between March and August depending upon your output.

How To apply: APPLICATIONS WILL BE TAKEN ONLINE ONLY. Do not call in or you will be disqualified – Please email busybeelawncare@gmail.com to request an application.