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Irrigation Pump Repair, Columbia S.C.

Also Serving Lexington and Irmo with sprinkler pump repair

Busy Bee Lawn Care & Sprinkler Repair is your source for irrigation pump repair in Columbia, Lexington, and Irmo. We have a professional team of experts that will have your cracked pump running properly again in no time at all. Here are some facts you should know about how your irrigation pump operates and how we can help make it operate more efficiently.

What Your Irrigation Pump Does

An irrigation pump (or sprinkler pump) is simply a mechanical device that pumps water through underground pvc pipes to your sprinkler system. That's what allows the sprinklers to water your lawn and keep your grass green. Green grass and a nice yard are a great way to attract positive attention to your home and keep your neighbors happy, particularly in a small community like Columbia, Lexington, or Irmo. So, it can be a major problem when your irrigation pump malfunctions, unless you call us quickly to come fix it.

Each Pump is Different

It's important to note that each irrigation pump is different, but a few we work on include Goulds, Berkeley, Myers, Burks or Flotec. The main reason for water pump failure is freezing temperatures causing them to crack.  Also, some might malfunction because they are outdated and need to be upgraded or even totally replaced. If yours is one of those, we can completely replace or upgrade it for you. But generally speaking all irrigation pumps, even newer models, are going to need some sort of maintenance from time to time. So, if your pump malfunctions, there's no need to panic. Just reach out, and we’ll be there to help.

Products We Might Use to Fix It

Here at Busy Bee Lawn Care & Sprinkler Repair we use a lot of fantastic irrigation products, including Goulds Pumps, Myers, Flotec, Little Giant, Munro, Red Lion, Bur-Cam, Wayne, etc. Whether your system requires one of those products or something else entirely, our trained team members will find the right solution for your specific irrigation pump.

Irrigation pumps have a lot of different parts, which usually means they are better repaired by professionals than as a do it yourself project. Our team is familiar with the pressure switches, motors, and other parts of various different pump systems. So, for the best irrigation pump repair in Columbia, Lexington, or Irmo, contact us today. We'll buzz on by to fix your irrigation pump for you.

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