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Lawn Service, Columbia S.C., also Serving Lexington and Irmo, professional irrigation sprinkler repair since 2006.

Busy Bee Lawn Care Service & Sprinkler Repair provides Columbia and the surrounding areas comprehensive lawn care services. We handle everything your centipede, zoysia, bermuda or St. Augustine lawn may need, and do precisely what it takes to make it look great. Our team of lawn care service experts have years of experience and are ready to handle the unique demands of your lawn.

Our services include: Lawn Service, Columbia S.C., sprinkler repair and installation, and landscape lighting!  At Busy Bee, we know what it takes to get a broken sprinkler system working or adjusted to best suit the watering needs of your property. We specialize in sprinkler system repair as well as lawn service and landscape maintenance. We mow grass, we shape bushes, do fall leaf cleanup...we’ll even do weed removal treatments!  Your lawn maintenance will be custom priced to specifically meet the needs of your yard.

Regular maintenance visits from us is a great way to improve your efficiency.  You'll also save water since we are also irrigation experts, we monitor the watering needs of your turf and landscape. With a Rain Bird, Nelson, Orbit or Weathermatic irrigation timer properly set to the season, you will no longer need to worry about water conservation or damages to plants and grass. Allow our expert technicians to service your Sprinkler and Irrigation repair and stick with the professionals on important matters like water main breaks and valve leaks.

Sprinkler out of whack? - Leave it to the professionals

Sprinkler and Irrigation systems will often consist of pvc pipes running underground as well as above depending on the complexity of what has been installed. Some problems can be with leaking pipes or other issues such as high or low water pressure at the spray head, crushed pipes from tree roots or zones not working properly. Other typical problems can arise from the sprinkler heads or main and lateral lines as well as the valve box. Always check for dirt or particles that could be blocking the heads from coming up properly as sometimes it is just a simple blockage that can be easily removed. Broken equipment can result in water waste and brown spots on your lawn. To provide an even coverage of water and reduce saturated areas, sprinkler heads should be placed properly with precipitation rate in mind. Placing heads in the correct position will also mean that the right parts of your lawn are being cared for and water wasting is kept to a minimum. General wear and tear on sprinkler and irrigation systems can occur and be a costly repair if not attended to.

Busy Bee gives you satisfaction in knowing that all your lawn service and professional knowledge is coming from one place as we can design or adjust the perfect system.

Expert advice and repairs on all your irrigation needs:

·  Tune up Inspection and repairs including nozzle clearing

·  Rotor and Spray Head Replacement

·  Valve Leaks and broken pvc pipe main breaks

·  Testing and adjusting control panel

·  Complete System overhauls including water pump

·  Find Valves and trace underground wire

The pros at Busy Bee Lawn Care Service are able to assist in whatever capacity when it comes to repairing your sprinkler/irrigation system. We do anything from a small leak to more complicated malfunctions and are able to thoroughly inspect and provide a fix for any problems to do with your outdoor water plumbing.

Messy lawns are a thing of the past and there is no reason that you should be unhappy with the look of yours. We work on shaped hedges and more complex garden designs as well as the more simple but labor intensive tasks such as lawn mowing and fall leaf removal. Bush cutting and weeds are able to be regularly maintained by our expert team with regular visits. We are ready to keep up with your garden landscaping and provide you with an affordable solution to the general maintenance of your lawn.

Our customers enjoy a regularly mowed lawn, flower beds free of weeds (we use herbicide) and remove dead plants; servicing the areas that need attention.  We know what it takes to tackle any landscaping and we take great pride in our craft to give you attention to detail.  We have a knack for creativity when it comes to the perfectly manicured outdoor space.  You'll love our edging!

All services can be complemented with a beautiful detail of lighting appropriate for those yards lacking lit up pathways or darker entries. You need to look no further than our outdoor landscape lighting installation and repair and available lighting products.

LED lights are a great addition to any well-manicured lawn and are a planet saving and effective way of bringing something extra to your home. Not to mention, also lighting up the way to your house of course! The difference with LED lighting is the energy consumption reduction. They are by far the most cost effective way of lighting up your landscape or pathways and they will last a lifetime longer than traditional lights which will burn hotter and wear out quicker. LED lighting is able to be up to 80% more efficient than regular bulbs as well as being Eco friendly and the ability to withstand rough conditions.

Busy Bees Lawn Care Service and Sprinkler Repair are happy to service the areas of Columbia S.C., Irmo S.C., Lexington S.C. and Lake Murray S.C.

You will finally enjoy piece of mind knowing that your yard is being professionally maintained with proper horticultural practices. We guarantee 100% satisfaction as we are confident in our craftsmanship and reliability. There is no job we aren't happy to discuss, so call us today at (803)331-5323 or contact us via our quote form for a prompt reply.

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